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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing a Home

Today we wanted to talk about the buyer market and 8 mistakes you need to avoid when purchasing a home. We will be counting backwards from 8, so try to keep up with us if you can.

8. Waiting to Pull the Trigger: So, you found a great home in the right price range - but you get cold feet and wait a day or two. The current market in Duluth does not allow you to be indecisive. At the Messina & Associates, we will make sure that your offer has the best chance of acceptance.

7. Poor Financing Knowledge: Do you understand the different types of mortgages? Do you know the difference between a fixed mortgage and an ARM mortgage? You're probably not going to understand everything in the paperwork for a home. However, our team works with American Financial Network to guide you through this process and ensure you an affordable loan.
6. NOT doing your Homework on the Area: or NOT being Aware of the Home's Surroundings: You need to know about the neighborhood that you're moving into. Learn about the school districts, call the police department, or find information online in order to form a clearer picture of where you might be living and if that type of environment would be suitable to you.  When you view a home, be sure to look around. Are there train tracks nearby? Do planes fly overhead? Is there a landfill or garbage dump a block away? Our team will ensure that you avoid these pitfalls.

5. NOT Thinking Ahead: If you buy a home that you know you will be selling in the future, consult with us on how to maintain your home's long-term marketability. It is our job to tell you whether or not we believe you're making a good investment - so just ask!

4. Taking Advice from Everyone You Know: Nothing upsets a Realtor more than hearing about all the great advice you got from relatives, neighbors, etc. Listening to people who are not experts on your situation will only add anxiety and confusion. Please leave these things to the professionals. This is what we do for a living, and we're very good at it!

3. Calling ALL the Listing Agents for Homes You're Interested In: When you use the Luke Hansmeyer Home Buying system, you're getting the help of a professional marketing and negotiating firm that does all the work for you. We are very good at communicating with other agents. So once again, just leave this job to the professionals.
2. NOT Having a Home Inspection: We don't care if the home is new or if your brother-in-law who is a contractor said it was fine. With The Hansmeyer Group, we also suggest you have a professional home inspector to come out and take a look at your property. This professional is a certified home inspector and not just a plumber or an electrician. It's important to understand what you're purchasing.
1. Buying More than You Can Afford: The last thing we want you to do is to buy a home that leverages you to the bone. We do not want you to go broke right after closing. We want you to be able to take your kids to the movies, buy new furniture and continue to make your car insurance payments. We would never advise you to purchase more than you can comfortably afford. We will set a budget and and help you stick to it.

This is all we have for you today and we hope that it's been helpful to you. As always, if you know anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in Duluth real estate, then please send an email to me at

Your Realtor,